Tornado God Sabaton Latlin




18 weeks old.(sorry for the grass)






född/born: 20210307

Höfter/Hips: to young

armbågar/elbows: to young

EIC: not tested yet

HNPK: not tested yet

ögon/eyes: to young

PRA:not tested yet


thank to Linda , for the trust

x 7

CH Greenstone's Total Eclips CH Greenstone's Music Man CH Epoch's Moccasin Joe CH Quail Chase Broadway Joe Windfall
Epoch's Treasure
CH Greenston'e Cuppa Delight CH Banner's No Line The Horisont
CH Greenstone's Special Blend
CH Greenstone's What Comes around CH Kimleight Gucci Roll In The Moon CH Moonlit's Drum Roll
CH Kimleigh's Once In A Blue Moon
Blackwing Fancy that at Louisco CH Blackwing Superfine
CH Blackwing Superfreak
CH Dark Desire Holly CH Zulu Almodvar Beckett Elf CH Hilberts Gray Love  CH Loresho Love Mail
Svetes Greja Fergus
CH Teepe Tecorei Elegant Elf CH Farnfield's Hakkuna Mantata
Gwendolin Z Grodu Hrabiego Malmbury
Be Royal Brown CH Grand Prix Gorska Fantazja CH Labtreasure's Indeed
CH Gorska Fantazja Z Debowego Gaju
Royal Brown Anita B Good CH My Brand Indiana Jones
Irwlend Kim-Charlotte