WildN'Beauty's Drillbit Taylor




6 weeks old



född/born: 20100107

Höfter/Hips: C

armbågar/elbows: ua

ögon/eyes: optigen A (by parents)




Naturally Nosy Higgins

HD A-A AD:0-0

optigen clear by parents

Duits Kamp. Europasieger 2008
Withara's Sarahs Lovely Robin

HD-A /ED free/optigen A

Ch Waifin's Wing and a Prayer CH Dickendall Arnold


CH Wiscoy Disguise the Limit


CH Withara's Pepper from Sarah with Love

HD-A /ED free

CH Mallorn Aldebaran

HD-A /ED free/Optigen A

Withara's Jessies One to Keep

HD-A /ED free

Udaya Indra of the Music Forest Master of Chocolat du Taillis Madame Kamp. Brandham's Make me a Star for Oulsmi
Oulsmi Calypso
Orient Osiris of the Music Forest Pic-Up de la Hutte des Ours
Int. Kamp. Blunderbuss of the Music Forest

WildN'Beauty's Aretha Franklin

HD A-A AD:0-0

optigen clear by parents

Duch Ch./ Lux.Ch./ German VDH Ch./ SU(U).Ch./ Reserve World Winner '08
and Winner A-dam 2007
Farnfield Hakuna Matata

HD-A /ED free / Optigen A

Wildn'Beauty's Paco Rabanne
HD-A /ED free / Optigen A

Nv-03 NUCH Birchbrook Barley Wine of Charway

HD free/current eye cert

Oakroad's Chateu

HD-B/ED free/current eye cert

Farnfield Tiramisu

HD/ED free / current eye cert./

Penny Royal's Dutchman at Farnfield
HD/ED free / current eye cert./Optigen A
Farnfield Lilly
Macita's Zirkona Lindt

HD-A/ED free/current eye cert/optigen A

Macita's Du Champ

HD/ED free/

Macita's Anibas

HD/ED free/

SUCH Destinys Happy Girl

HD/ED free/current eye cert


HD/ED free/

SVCH Foulby Neptune

HD/ED free/optigen A

SVCH Macita's Quandra Gesima

HD/ED free/