WildN'Beauty's Get Used to it




16 weeks



född/born: 202529

Höfter/Hips: to young

armbågar/elbows: to young

EIC: clear by parents

HNPK:clear by parents

ögon/eyes: to young

PRA:clear by parents

utställning: BIR valp, BIM valp

Tjotte's Snooze Or Loose CH Tjotte's Win The Crowd CH Mallorn's Ring My Belll
CH Tjotte's Fan Bloody Tastic
Mallorns Gangstas Paradise CH Mallorn's Black Gangsta
Mallorn's Nescafé
WildN'Beauty's Wishbone CH LabryBerry Name Of Winner CH Mallorn's Black Gangsta
CH LabryBerry Rozamunda
SEVCH WildNBeauty's Preppy Polly SEVCH SEU(u)CH WildN'Beauty's Heatcliff Huxtable
SEVCH WildN'Beauty's Gussy Up

6 weeks