When you have a puppy from us


All our puppies are bred indoors with us. They live with there mother in harmony until they are so big so they can play with the other dogs in our pack. When they are approximately 5 weeks old they are intudiuse to the pack, so they can learn to interact in a correct way with other dogs. They learn the signals dogs give each other. I'm always fascinated when I study puppies interact with the other dogs. When they are awake and going to eat they are with us all in the kitchen and in the puppy room. If the weather allow it they go outdoors to play. When it's time to sleep they go back to the puppy room again, so they can sleep good. We spend lots of time to learn our puppies to love people and other dogs.

when we sell a puppie thoose things will go with it:

  • Registration in Swedish Kennel Club (if ti's goes abroad a EU passport)
  • insurance for hidden defects for 3 years at IF
  • vaccinated
  • devormed
  • chip
  • veterinary paper who says that the puppy is ok
  • A blanket who smells like mom
  • gift to the puppy

You gonna get a folder with information about food, devorming and so on. We always want you to contact us if you have any problem.


When I sell a puppy I have special demands on you as a puppy buyer as you have on me as a breeder. All my puppies SHALL live as a fullworthy family member. They shall not be held like cattle.

NO puppies travell alone, and shall be travelling in the cabin in the airplane.