Corcastle Jazz To Joy





18 months old

import from croatia.

exc with CQ young adult class

1 CC and BOB

thank for the trust, Mihaela. :-)

GR CH Corcastle Cracker Jack

red white

US CH Riverside Keep Believe'n CH Shelvon Royal Jubilee Dwynella Royale Footman
CH Arberlee Summer Loving
CH Riverside Wicked Wonderful CH Aberlee Strom Force
CH Riverside Red Alert
CHM_HR CH_HR Dourin's Chelly Pem Numenor Iz Doma Na Holme CH Ermyn Cranberry Frost
Dolina Sambatus
Juwel of Pennies from heaven CH Pemcader Tuxedo
CH Hatu's Royal Buttercup
HR CH Mistycore She's Like The Wind

red white

Mistycore Orion Fiery in Night


Salvenik Set to star CH Rosewood set sail to Salvenik
Salvenik Star preformer
CH Dwynella Gimme that Look CH Aberlee phantom Sequence
CH Dwynella Skye High
RUS CH  RUSJ CH RFK CH Mistycore Everybody Dans Donaway's orange pop CH Riverside Captain Orange
Otereks Moment in time
CH Hailait'd Odri Totu CH Dragonjoy Fallen angel
CH Hailait's Ilang-Ilang