WildN'Beauty's Shake Baby Shake




6 months


svart/black carring chocholade

född/born: 20220128

Höfter/Hips: to young

armbågar/elbows: to young

EIC: N/N by parents

HNPK:clear by parents


PRA: N/N by parents

long coat: N/N

utställning/show: BIM valp

Tjotte's Snooze or Loose CH Tjotte's Win The Crowd CH Mallorn's Ring My Bell
CH Tjotte's Fan Bloody Tastic
Mallorn's Gangstas Paradise CH Mallorn's Black Gangsta
Mallorn's Nescafé
WildN'Beauty's Backstage Drama Mallorn's Big Brother AM GR CH ZINFNDEL LENGLEY'S BIG PAPI
Mallorn's Next Top Modell
WildN'Beauty's Preppy Polly CH WildN'Beauty's Heathcliff Huxtable
SEVCH WildN'Beauty's Gussy Up